Development of Career and Employability Skill


Know Your Child (0 -7 Yrs)

Discover you in yourself (8-18)

Know Your Child:
Special program for parents to understand their child’s Personality, Mental ability, Performance and Future Facts.
Discover You in Yourself:
You are unique and special on this earth hence, it is necessary to know yourself. This program is developed specially for the students to understand their interests, skills, values, vision, education and ultimate goal.
The focus areas are :
– Counseling of Parent, Teacher & Student
– Career Analysis Test (CAT) for Student
– Profiling of Student, Teacher & Parent
– Skill Development for Teachers
– Motivational Session for Parents
– Assessment & Categorization of Students
– Stream Selection for the Right Path
– Behavior Changing Management
– How to Excel in Exam by using Simple Techniques
– Mind Booster & Enhance Memory


Multifaceted CESDP

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Multi Faceted Career & Employment Skill Development :
This program is designed for UG, PG & Job Seekers with the help of Green Card Employability Test to enhance their:
1. APTITUDE (Mental & Logical ability)
2. EDUCATION (Academic exposure)
3. SOFT SKILLS (PD & Communication)
4. TRAINING (Emerging Sector)
5. EXPERIENCE (Internship/Live Projects) &
6. Development of Job Skill Sets
Startup & Entrepreneurship:
This Program is designed to help entrepreneurs to get their ideas and ventures to the next level through structured learning. It consists the following:
Match Passion with Process
Success Story of Entrepreneurs
Expert support for STARTUP projects
Innovative Ideas to start new projects
Counseling for financial & business support


Corporate Culture

Life @ work place)

Be a Real Corporate :
This program is specially designed for industrial workers, corporate personnel & teachers to manage their life @ work place, industrial relationship and personal management. This program includes the following:
Business & Corporate communication
Analytical & Interpersonal Skills
Digital Etiquette & Goal Setting
Team Work & Corporate Training
Stress Management & Motivation
Time Management
Leadership Quality


Legal & Health Management

Expertise for nation building

Senior Citizen’s Plan :
This program is specially designed for the senior citizens to re-energise themselves to lead a smooth & active life. This program includes the following:
Counseling to meet their unfulfilled dreams
Channelize the expertise and energy for nation building
Health Management
Legal Advice