Technologies Development

New Technologies Developed

  • Biological Treatment of Waste Water (1991): Heavy metals and other toxic pollutants are removed from the sewage and industrial effluents. Technology is highly appreciated by the Scientists and Technologists at Vienna.

  • Stack Pollution Controller (1995): An unique device to control Air Pollution. This technology was appreciated by Hon’ble Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, President of India.

  • Air Pollution Controller for Silver Refineries (1995): All pollutant released from Silver Refineries are removed. NO2 released as pollutant is recycled & converted to HNO3.

  • Treatment Technology for Saree Printing Industries (1998): This is most economic technology for the treatment of effluents released from Saree printing industries. This primary treatment technology was approved by Hon’ble High Court, Allahabad.

  • Treatment Technology for Dairy Waste Water (2003): This low cost technology is developed for tertiary treatment of dairy wastewater with the help of aquatic plants.

  • Air Pollution Control Technology for Brick Industries (2003): This low cost technology is based on wet scrubber methodology for the removal of particulate matters and gaseous pollutants from the stacks of Brick Industries.

  • Noise Pollution Control Technology (2007): In this technology green belt of the specific green plant species are used to control the noise pollution.

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology (2010): This is an advanced wastewater treatment technology in which different concentrations of Ozone gas is used for removal of organic materials and bacterial disinfection of the treated wastewater.